Registration for September 2024 for the new group began! Ages 1.1-3.5     החלה ההרשמה לספטמבר 2024

About Luna Kindergarten

Luna kindergarten is a bilingual kindergarten

About US:

Linor Halperin is the motivation behind Luna Kindergarten. Married to Michael and a mother of two daughters, Maya and Leah, Linor has a BA from Bar Ilan University and is a certified teacher for age levels 0-4, with a diploma provided by Beit Berl College.

Linor is currently completing her Master’s Degree in Education, specializing in infants, at Beit Berl College.

Linor’s vision is to establish a kindergarten that will provide children with everything she wanted her children to have – warmth, love, values and experience-based education. Furthermore, she conducts guidance classes for young parents on topics such as introducing daily routine activities to strengthen the relations with the child, based on the method of Tracy Hogg and her best-selling book “Secrets of the Baby Whisperer”.

The Kindergarten Team:

The kindergarten staff is carefully selected. Each member undergoes guidance and initiation for working in the kindergarten.

The kindergarten assistants are students in Education or individuals with past experience in working with young children.

In addition, the assistants are required to provide a Certificate of Good Moral Character from the Israeli Police administration.

Why “Luna”?

The origin of the name is Italian.

The Meaning of Luna: Moon – a natural satellite that revolves around the Earth and the Sun. I would like to believe that each and every one of us wishes to give the moon to those dearest to him; I myself would like to capture the moon and bring it to the person who is the most important in the world to me.

At our kindergarten, Luna will accompany your child every day, along with her friends Star the dog, and Tzuf the bird.

Luna’s character represents important values in the construction of educational, socially-tolerant and loving foundations. We believe that developing positive life skills is central to a child’s empowerment. In this way, the child can be guided to living a healthy, happy and high-quality life. Therefore, Luna Kindergarten encourages mathematical thinking and experienced-based learning.

In addition, the kindergarten offers classes in Yoga and Movement, nature and animals (if there are two age groups, each one will have its dedicated classes).

In Luna Kindergarten, we encourage a set daily routine, which the children learn to recognize (the routine acts as a security blanket in the uncertain world of a child).

The Kindergarten and its Surroundings

A great deal of thought was invested in the design and planning of the kindergarten, all in order to provide your child with a warm and comfortable environment:

  1. A variety of areas for children to choose from: comfort area, kitchen, library, house area and a play area.
  2. Creative space and materials: experimenting with different materials such as: drawing and coloring materials, clay, finger-paint, stickers, and more
  3. Socio-dramatic play – a suitable way for children to vent and express themselves.
  4. Shaded yard with a variety of games and attractions, a slide and a beautiful vegetable garden with a personal planting area for each child.

The Kindergarten and its Children

  1. The kindergarten is suitable for children from one year and one month to three and a half years of age.
  2. The kindergarten is always staffed by a professionally-trained, high-level team suited to the children’s different needs.

Opening Hours:

Sunday through Thursday: 7:45-16:30


  1. Animals – A wonderful class in which children discover the world of animals, including presentation of live animals, feeding, stories and dramatization.
  2. Rhythm & Music Class – As in our own childhood, a music teacher presents the children with musical instruments, notes, sounds and lots of dancing.
  3. Baking Class – A delicious and fun class in which the children learn about food textures and various types of baked foods, with delightfully tasty results.
  4. Yoga Class – Shaking the body and stretching the limbs, in this class the children also learn about the parts of the body.
  5. Vegetable Garden – A personal garden plot for each child provides a wonderful quality time activity for the children and their parents.
  6. Mathematical Enrichment – Focusing on numbers and important terms used on a daily basis, this class is held in small groups, according to cognitive capabilities, with teaching carried out through dance, play and song.



Luna is a private kindergarten operated under the regulations of the municipality of Tel Aviv – Yafo.

The kindergarten and its installations are inspected on a regular basis by a safety consultant.

Luna Kindergarten is a member of the Israel Private Kindergartens Organization.

Insurance coverage is included for each child throughout the opening hours.

The kindergarten is connected by an emergency alert system to Mazok Security, who also provide first aid training and refresher courses to the kindergarten staff once a year.

The kindergarten is accompanied by a certified pedagogical guide.